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I've rewritten Module Finder to support searching for keywords in any order. This means you're no longer restricted to finding exact phrases. Queries that used to turn up empty now come back with useful results.

For example, a title search for admin menu used to turn up nothing, because that exact phrase wasn't in any module title. Now you'll get exactly what you're looking for.

Another example: A search for wysiwyg images now turns up a list of relevant modules, whereas before you wouldn't get any hits.

I've also added support for "quotes", which allow you to search for exact phrases (similar to the old search behavior). You can even mix phrases with normal keywords.

The snippet algorithm was also rewritten from scratch to produce more relevant excerpts, especially when searching for multiple keywords.

Additionally, I've changed the way rating graphs are cached, which should result in faster page loads and less bandwidth usage.

If you discover any bugs, please report them in the forum.

Update June 20th: I've made a small change that effectively doubles performance. Enjoy :)


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