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It's now possible to link to Module Finder search results!

What does this mean for you? Now you can bookmark your favorite search options, quickly share search results with others, and more!

Here are a few ways you can create links:

Search module titles: http://drupalmodules.com/m?title=views
Search module descriptions: http://drupalmodules.com/m?body=blocks

It's also a great way to save your favorite search options in bookmark form:

Default to Drupal 5.x modules: http://drupalmodules.com/m?v=5.x
Default to "starts with" mode: http://drupalmodules.com/m?s=starts+with

Of course, you can combine options to get complex searches like this.

Link to Module Finder

Additionally, there's a new [Link] option on the Module Finder interface. It's an easy way to turn your current search results into a link. Clicking [Link] will update the URL in your address bar, or you can just right click it and copy the URL for easy cut and pasting.


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