Drupal Modules

I've got several new and exciting features for you today!

The first is the New Drupal Modules tracker. This list is updated once a day with descriptions of every new module released on Drupal.org.

Modules will only be announced when the maintainer has actually published a release to their project page. This is important because it keeps unfinished modules off the list until they're ready to use (or at least download).

Best of all, this list is available as an RSS Feed! Now you can stay up to date on the newest modules right from your news reader.

But wait, there's more! I've created an RSS feed for the Top 10 Drupal Modules, sorted by rating. Now you can easily syndicate a copy of the top modules list on your own site (Tip: Use the Aggregator core module to create a new block).

And, I've added a new RSS feed for the Latest Module Reviews! The reviews feed is designed to be extra useful. The title field is actually a combination of the module name and the review title, and when you follow the link, it will take you right to the module page. This is another great source of syndicated content for your website.

And now for Reviewer of the Week:

This week the honor goes to Harry Slaughter. Harry has submitted a ton of useful reviews: 10 of them, in fact, making him the second most active reviewer on the site! Be sure to check out his excellent Drupal blog, DevBee.


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