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Over the last week, I've been setting up a new server for DrupalModules.com. Today, the new server goes live! If you're seeing this message, the switch was successful. If you're seeing anything unusual, try clearing your cache.

The new server has roughly twice the processing power of the old one. I've also been working on optimizing some of the code that runs behind the scenes.

Overall, my benchmarks show page generation times have improved 500% to 1000%! For example, it used to take almost 1000ms to render the "most downloaded" page. Now it takes about 120ms. Logged in users will notice the biggest improvements.

Module Finder also received another code overhaul, and now processes search queries about 8 times faster than it did before, pushing most searches into the single-digit millisecond range.

A lot of things have changed with this upgrade, so if you spot any problems, please report them in the forum.


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