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I've added a new feature to the right-hand sidebar called "Top Drupal Books". This list ranks the Top 5 Drupal books based on their Amazon.com sales rank.

Currently Building Powerful and Robust Websites is in first place, but I definitely recommend checking out Learning Drupal 6 Module Development, it's really the best resource out there if you want to learn Drupal 6 coding (I have to admit, I'm a bit biased: I was one of the Technical Reviewers for the book!).

Drupal 6 book

Buying your books through these links helps me keep this site going, and royalties from Packt Publishing books are shared with the Drupal Association, so everybody wins.

Free Book Contest!

Want to win a free copy of Learning Drupal 6 Module Development?

On June 9th, I'll select the best new module review, based on three factors: writing quality, rating fairness, and the overall usefulness of the review. The author of the winning review will receive a free copy of the aforementioned book.

If the winning reviewer happens to live in North America, I'll ship them a physical copy of the book. Otherwise, the winner will receive the e-book version, due to the high cost and general unreliability of international shipping.

Only reviews posted from today forward will be considered for this contest. That gives you roughly 2 weeks to write an awesome review.

Reviewer of the Week

Finally, this week's reviewer of the week is Joep Hendrix. Joep recently posted a ton of useful reviews, helping push DrupalModules.com over the 300 review mark!


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Top Drupal Books

  1. Using Drupal (O'Reilly)
  2. Definitive Guide to D7
  3. Beginning Drupal 7
  4. Drupal For Dummies
  5. Pro Drupal Development 7
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