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OBSOLETE: According to the community you should use the http://drupal.org/project/diggbar_blocker or http://drupal.org/project/frameprevention instead. An implementation of the Diggbar Blocker for Drupal, written by Dustin Brewer. Original idea/regex/message by John Gruber, http://www.daringfireball.net/2009/04/how_to_block_the_diggbar By...

Third-party integration, Utility, 6.x

Reviews: 8


The a-hole module is a devious module which breaks JavaScript that doesn't use dependency injection or isolate itself from unexpected elements that could show up through object inheritance. Since there is quite a bit in Drupal that doesn't do this installing this module causes core JavaScript to break...

Developer, Javascript Utilities, Novelty, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x

Reviews: 9


Site builders sometimes remove block titles to achieve a certain design or to remove redundancy for sighted users (e.g. the search block has a "search" form label, a "search" submit button and a "search" heading.) Unfortunately, removing these titles harms site usability for some users. This module allows...

Content display, Site navigation, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 5


This module let's you implement the Abbila Semantic Search Engine created by Hoplo inside your Drupal project. To use this module you'll need an Abbila sandbox, at the moment there are not available test sandbox, but Hoplo is about to provide some. With this module you will be able to load your own onthologies,...

Search, 6.x

Reviews: 6


Abbreviations Filter supplies a filter for use within your D6 Input filter or D7 Text Format settings. It can be used to scan text for a user-input list of abbreviations and then replace them with an <abbr> tag which also encodes the non-abbreviated phrase. This is especially useful for any sites...

Content, Content display, Filters and editors, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 42


About This Node creates a block that displays information about the node you're viewing. It allows users to see, at a glance, the following information without clicking "Edit" or digging into revision history: node ID (NID) node type (content type) creation date and time creation author (user who created...

Administration, Utility, 5.x, 6.x

Reviews: 29


Displays system messages in fully themeable colored horizontal bars on top of the page, similar to Stack Overflow / Stack Exchange network notifications. Features when messages are displayed content is pushed down respectively, so that nothing is covered and everything could be still interacted with, alternatively,...

Content display, Javascript Utilities, Theme enhancements, Utility, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 7

When sending e-mail / using CDN/static file server, we often need to parse images to absolute url. This is why this tiny module exists. This module only parse relative url to absolute url dynamiclly, and you can also set custom url when you have CDN/static file deliver server. Project Information ...

Content display, 5.x, 6.x


Provides functional programming style abstractions for common problems. This module has no effect on a site. It is just a collection of handful functions which helps overcome PHP weaknesses and shortens code by abstracting common problems mostly with the help of closures. Requirements: PHP 5.3 ...

6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 3


This module allows users to flag nodes and comments as offensive for the adminstrator to review. This module is in the rearchitecting period. All changes will happen in 2.x branch. The admin can specify which type of nodes are allowed to be flagged. Permissions There are 3 permissions - administer abuse...

Administration, Community, Spam prevention, 5.x, 6.x

Reviews: 96


Accents is simple module that removes accents from words to provide better search results. For example "á â Å ã" all become "a". After installation you will need to re-index your search. In the Drupal 6.x version, an administrative setting was added to allow the module to remove accents during search...

4.7.x, 5.x, 6.x

Reviews: 118


This module will allow you to set accepted limits for CCK number fields with custom validation messages. An accepted limit is a range of numbers that is accepted for a particular value, but it's not a hard constraint. Say, for example, that a node has an Age field. The accepted age for creating the node...

Content Construction Kit (CCK), 6.x

Reviews: 3


Controls access to content types by IP addresses and hostnames Project Information Maintenance status: Actively maintained Development status: Under active development Module categories: User Access & Authentication Reported installs: 22 sites currently...

User Access & Authentication, 6.x

Reviews: 1


Have you ever encountered a scenario when you have content for which you are setting view permissions and you find you would love to require your users to have two of your existing roles to view it? By default Drupal will allow users with either of those two roles to view the content, and your only recourse...

Administration, Content access control, 6.x

Reviews: 23


Enables modules to add to the access permissions of other modules. Useful for simplifying the Access Control page. Project Information Maintenance status: Actively maintained Development status: Maintenance fixes only Module categories: Administration Reported...

Administration, 5.x, 6.x

Reviews: 15


This module allow accessing private nodes with a direct link. Download Example You have selected a node to be private (by using module Private) but want selected users to access this node. With Private Access you have a direct link (based on the UUID of the node) to the node that lets you share it with...

Content, Content access control, 6.x

Reviews: 15


Description: This module displays a message when you save a node, which is not published. The message contains the URL to the node with a special hash value. This URL can be used to allow access to the node to unauthorized accounts. Note that everyone that obtains the correct URL will be able to access...

Content access control, 6.x

Reviews: 2


The Accessible Content module helps create content that meets accessibility standards, and lets site administrators build and customize standards the site should adhere to. When the module is enabled, it creates two kinds of nodes, a collection of Accessibility Tests (you can view a list of all the available...

Utility, 6.x

Reviews: 13


Goals: Assist in making Drupal content more accessible. Serve as an api for other drupal accessibility modules when common functionality is needed Demonstrate modifications to existing themes to make them accessible. Serve as a demonstration to promote accessibility improvements to Drupal core and contributed...

Content, Site navigation, Theme enhancements, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 17


This module will provide accordion effect to your blocks. It works with any standard Drupal theme available out there on Drupal.org. This module provides admin interface to add more Accordion widgets and for each Accordion widget we can choose set of blocks as content. Installation: 1. Copy the accordion...

6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 11


This module will display a menu using a jQuery UI accordion effect. The 6.x-1.x and 7.x-1.x releases support the same features. Features in version 6.x-1.2 (and above) include: Multiple menu blocks, each separately configurable Menu source may be a Menu block sub-menu definition or a Drupal menu Setting...

Content display, Javascript Utilities, Multilingual, Site navigation, Theme enhancements, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 27


It is only short description. I will provide full description latter. This project was a part of PGAPI, but I made decision to separate pg_account from pgapi, because it is big enough. Project Information Maintenance status: Actively maintained Development status: Under active...

Commerce and advertising, e-Commerce, 6.x

Reviews: 15


This module provides dynamic [Log in/Create account][My account][Log out] menu links. Before the user is logged in, only the [Log in/Create account] link is shown(this can be configured as two links: [Login] and [Register]). After the user is logged in, [My account][Log out] links are shown. By default,...

Site navigation, User Access & Authentication, 6.x

Reviews: 48


Integration user core form fields (such as username, password, etc.) form with content profile. RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION 1. Install module. 2. Enable Content Profile or Profile module 3. Enable 'Use this content type as a content profile for users' on admin/content/node-type/profile Now when going to...

Content, Content Construction Kit (CCK), Content display, 6.x

Reviews: 24


Account reminder is a simple module that will resend the welcome email to users who have registered with the site but have not yet logged in. The admin can control the initial time before sending a reminder, the time period between subsequent reminders and the total number of reminders to send. The...

Administration, Mail, User Access & Authentication, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 25

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