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Search the world's libraries and GIS metadata clearinghouses! This module implements the Z39.50 and SRU protocols for Information Retrieval using the PHP bindings for the YAZ toolkit. With this module you can easily search or scan Z39.50 or SRU servers in parallel using the standard Drupal search API...

Search, Third-party integration, Utility, 5.x


This module enables a Drupal website to send statistics remote Zabbix server using a locally installed Zabbix client. For more information on Zabbix, see http://www.zabbix.org The Zabbix server can then be configured to monitor the incoming statistics and trigger alerts according to your own specific...

Administration, Performance and Scalability, Security, Statistics, Third-party integration, Utility, 6.x

Reviews: 4


The Zend Framework is a powerful open source web application framework for developing PHP 5 web applications. The Zend Framework module is a Drupal API module that makes the framework accessible to other Drupal modules. Versions For Drupal 7: 3.x: The 3.x branch brings ZF2 to Drupal 1.x: The 1.x branch...

Developer, Third-party integration, Utility, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 24


Overview ZipCart provides a means to download many files at once. Users may select multiple files for download (adding files to a "cart"), then fetch them all as a single bundled Zip archive. How? Please read the README.txt in the module directory. There's a demo as well which shows it in action (with...

Content, File management, Media, Utility, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 3


Description This module adds the necessary script to the footer of ones site for prompting users to chat via Zopim Live Chat. What is Zopim Live Chat? Zopim increases engagement between you and your visitors, by allowing them to chat with you! Great for improving interaction with your users and increasing...

Statistics, Third-party integration, Utility, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 15

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