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Hi to all.

I'm Ivan Komskyy, Business Development Manager from PHP Department SaM Solutions GmbH Germany (www.sam-solutions.com).

The service we offer to our clients is called "My Team" or "My Scrum Team". The core idea is that we help our customers to establish their teams/persons here in Ukraine and locate them in our office. This kind of services is intended for long term relations and full time employment of the developers.

So basically, we employ and support client's own software development teams;

We locate them here in Ukraine SaM PHP Department and give you 100 % of managerial control over your team/person. You get rid of such time and cost consuming things as recruitment, accountancy, employee’s retention and personnel issues etc. What you get is:
Skilled developer + Required infrastructure + Absence of any administrative or HR hassles,

Our pricing model is very transparent and stands for:
Developer's salary + Taxes + Service Fee;

Possibly today you are looking for some kind of CMS Developer (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla) or Zend, Yii developer or Frontend service PSD to CSS/HTML, if yes - we can help you, with our Skilled Professional Developers.

Please contact me for more detailes:
Ivan Komskyy
SaM Solutions GmbH
Skype - ivanne1988


I am not sure about the

I am not sure about the rules of the website, and although I thank you for your time in delivering this message to us, I don't think it's allowed to self promote.
Maybe you can develop a cool drupal module, since you have lots of good php programmers at your firm.

Sure You create great drupal

Sure You create great drupal module, since you have lots of good php programmers senior at your agency.


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