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2 word search ?

how do you deal with 2 words searches ? it appears as it does simply like '%string%' ... sometimes it would be nice to be able to look for the words separated ... I know i can use google, but then it usually lands on d.o. and i can't bookmark the module there :-)



Advanced search

Yes, you're right about the search method, it only supports finding exact phrases. If you need to perform multi-keyword searches, or use boolean operators, try advanced search.

great, thanks, i never

great, thanks, i never noticed ...

I'll add that if the site's

I'll add that if the site's search fails, you can still use Google and restrict it to searching this site. Simply add site:drupalmodules.com to the beginning of your search query, and follow it with your keywords. Works like a charm.


I've rewritten Module Finder in a way that supports mutli-keyword search, so you're no longer limited to finding exact phrases. Enjoy :)


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