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Helpful tips and tricks for Pokémon Hunter

In "Pokemon Go" everyone is once beginners, because the augmented reality game is niegelnagelneu. We have been days on virtual hunting monsters and tell you how to catch Pokémon easiest comes a Pikachu and the power saving mode is activated. Altogether there are 12 tips and tricks for "Pokémon Go" in my iPhone or Android smartphone.

Since today is "Pokemon Go hack online" in Germany officially available for Android smartphones and the iPhone, the game app available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store for download. Unfortunately, the gameplay is little explained within the augmented reality application. We play "Pokemon Go" for several days (read also our review ) undstellen in this article important basic information and special tips and tricks together, so that you may become the best Pokémon trainer in the world. How your smartphone can do the best fit for the Pokémon hunting, we show you here .

get The popular Pikachu as a starter Pokémon
After logging in with a Google or free account at Pokémon Trainer Club you have the ability to customize your character, and gain from the Professor a very brief introduction to the Pokémon world. After you have shown in the first Pokémon games for the Gameboy to choose between Starter Pokémon Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. But there is a trick to compete with Pikachu as the first Pokémon monsters hunting.

Run this first of the three shown on the map starter Pokémon in the real world away until they are no longer displayed. Shortly after this popping back on directly around the player. Repeat the procedure now four times: At the fifth attempt to dive not only Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle on around you, but also Pikachu joins in.

catch Pokémon faster
"Pokémon Go" could play detailed explanations tolerated. How to get, for example, faster to a Pokémon nearby? This is not explained. Our recommendation: Typing on the display window at the bottom right of the screen to discover all the Pokémon located in the wider area. The number of each under the Monster or its silhouette displayed footprints indicates how close the Pokémon is with you. The fewer impressions (between one and three), the closer the next prey. Stay tuned for the rustling of the grass on the virtual smartphone screen, because that also indicates a close Pokémon.

To find out in which direction you have to go to catch a particular Pokémon, opens the display window at the bottom right of the screen. then taps the Pokémon that want to catch her, to select it. Now the box flashes with the selected Pokémon in the corner and shows you whether you are going in the right direction. Since the flashing lights in fairly large intervals, you must sometimes wait a long time to better recognize the color and thus the direction. There are four different colors give the note:

Green: You're going in the right direction, the Pokémon is in front of you
Yellow: The searched Pokémon is at an angle of 45 degrees in front of you
White: The Pokémon is at an angle of 90 degrees in front of you
No flashing: You look in the wrong direction

More experience points to the correct throw
For each Pokémon catch the players earn experience points. These bonuses are distributed three different levels, depending on how successfully the throw is taken. Important is the so-called catch circle: The smaller this is, the more experience points you get on top of it when catching a Pokémon. To arrange this, for example, in the very small for 100 bonus experience points district meet. For next litters there is no bonus. In addition, the calculated chance is to catch the Pokémon in a small fishing district higher than when it is maximally expanded, but the throw is however difficult. The color of the circle indicates how easily the particular Pokémon to catch, so do not break out of the Poké Ball: Green light, to red for flame.

unerringly hit Pokémon: A miss is taken
The easiest way you meet a Pokémon when it deliberately targets bib. Targets a point slightly above the indicated monster by up wiped over her with his finger the Pokémon so the ball actually hits. Ensures the proper attitude of smartphones with flying Pokémon that these are displayed centrally on the screen.

The ominous Curveball brings nothing
Since the release of "Pokemon Go" the so-called Curveball haunts the Community. Here, the ball beats similar to a practiced baseball throwing a lateral curve a. Such a curveball reached her by you keep your finger on the Poké Ball, this then with a circular motion around its own axis gyroscopes let and throw on the Pokémon. As a reward for a used Curveball wave 10 more EP. Basically, however, this does not work. It is much easier, faster and consumes less Pokéballs, in a straight line to grab the ball at a medium sized extensive fishing district and so to get 50 EP as a bonus.

Catch all the Pokémon can be found
Begin on your hunt for new Pokémon one each monster can be found, even if you already have. For each caught Pokémon you get in Pokémon Go namely candies and stardust, which increase the strength of Pokémon or can be brought to the next level. your character is still at a low level, you should not the "power-up" for amplifying a Pokémon but use because you will also find more versions of Pokemon go hack tool higher level. dear on to develop Saves sweets and stardust Pokémon and strengthens a monster until it has reached the last stage of development.

Pay attention to the behavior of Pokémon

Not only their own litter arts are at catching a monster of importance. Many Pokémon have namely certain defense attacks with which Poké Balls can be blocked. Pay attention therefore to the behavior of the Pokémon when it confronts you or flies on you. Then it depends on the right timing of the Ball Drop. Who throws effectively, saving a few Pokéballs especially with the fluttery flying Pokémon.

Pokemon Go to the test: by phone on Monster game

Simply switch off ... (ie the Augmented Reality)
If you have problems to capture a Pokémon, possibly just on the Augmented Reality via the slider in the upper right corner. This Pokémon will then be displayed in the center in front of a digital background and moves less. This is especially useful when flying Pokémon that often swirl around wildly or like so much hanging in the air that the simultaneous holding of smartphones and subjecting the Pokeballs seems impossible.

Turn power saving mode

The virtual hunting monsters consumed the smartphone battery: This smartphone while playing "Pokémon Go" not so fast running out of power, there is within the app called energy saver. If this is activated, the display turns completely black when you hold the phone with the top down. That saves especially on AMOLED displays much electricity. To enter the settings, typed first on the Pokéball the lower center of the screen and then the gear in the top right corner. Mind you: The display is completely black, the display does not turn off.

Useful function of the power-saving mode of "Pokémon Go": The unit vibrates as soon as a Pokémon is near. Then you must bring only lift the phone up, and the display is automatically switched back light. Moreover, it is easier to pay attention to the environment, to avoid accidentally running against someone or something. The people in your environment will thank you.

collect Pokéballs again

Not everyone deviated thrown Poké Ball is a lost Pokéball. "Pokémon Go" offers the option, after a failed throw collect the ball again. To arrange this, but be fast and click the Pokéball quickly again before he rolls out of sight. After that you can put it back.

discard Pokéballs in order to keep space for other items

However, do not be inhibitions, sometimes throwing Poké Balls and so clean quasi, because the inventory in "Pokemon Go" is limited to 350 items. That the virtual backpack is full, you notice only when nothing fits in. Particularly annoying is when much needed items. Checks therefore regularly inventory and throw a few necessary Pokéballs addition. Last, there is at any time at the numerous Pokéstops.

catch nocturnal Pokémon

Not all Pokémon roam in broad daylight through the area. Some of them can be collected only once it gets dark. So you detects if in "Pokemon Go" nocturnal Pokémon as Clefairy or Nebulak can be caught, the app has a night mode. Here, a night sky and the game is shrouded in a night blue sky from the clouds shown in the game. But do not worry, you need not roam the forest or town in the dark, the night mode usually already activated when incipient sunset. Especially in summer, it is then quite a while bright enough to go hunting.

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