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Everyone of the Age of Empires knows this is also Empire Earth a term. The RTS classic, which was released in 2001, has meanwhile been hit by a successor, a total of two add-ons and a mobile game. Now also the third part is available in the trade and we check whether the game is good.A castrated empire - Empire Earth III
I myself liked "Empire Earth", but it was never for me with the genre gods "WarCraft" and "StarCraft". What made "Empire Earth" so interesting to me was the endless number of time stamps you have gone through as part of a game. All in all, you were able to trigger a small time jump 15 times, moving you from prehistoric times (500,000-50,000 BC) to the space period (2,200-2,300 AD).
Also new was the so-called "civilization kit". There were, of course, also 21 prefabricated civilizations in "Empire Earth", but one could also create a completely new nation with the Bauksaten. In the second part the number was reduced to 14 peoples and the third part reduced itself to only three civilizations. They call themselves the West, the Middle East and the Far East.
These three differ only roughly. For example, the West is the home of the Hight-Tech meshwork. In the Middle East, wars of guerrilla tactics are taking place around the World Cup. In the future, we will focus on dangerous mutants.
The progress through the time-poles has also changed somewhat. There are exactly five epochs and the "EE 3" has been shortened to the most extreme. In the predecessors, it was essential to know when to start what time jump. You had to wait for the right moment. Now you have to do nothing more than get to the highest epoch as quickly as possible, and to ignore your opponent. If the overrun is successful, you are very tough. Because the path search routines in "EE III" are an absolute nightmare and also otherwise disappointed "EE III"


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