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Module Overview

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This module provides a way to maintain the size of your backups under control. Overview Backing up with Backup and Migrate is great, but it can build up a huge amount of data rapidly. Backup and Migrate Prune aims to solve this problem. The approach taken is simple. For backups made today: Keep all... [More...]


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This module adds a tab to Schema module similar to the Inspect tab. Instead of Schema API code to be pasted in your. Install file, though, it generates scaffolding code to be pasted into your .views.inc file, to give you a headstart on Views " vitamin dan nurtrisi terbaik untuk kesehatan mata " integration for your module. You will still need to complete the code, such as assigning the correct field handlers and define relationships, but it takes some of the tediousness out of writing Views integration code.



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I need to migrate

I need to migrate a fairly large forum installation from one system (custom, MS SQLServer) to another (vbulletin, MySQL).


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