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Module Overview

Drupal.org Excerpt:

Seeking co-maintainers for the project. This module enables chat rooms to be set up on Drupal sites. 6.x-2.x is stable, but doesn't scale well. 7.x-2.x is stable, and scales well by using the Node.js integration module.. To enable sounds with Chatroom, check out the Chatroom sounds module. Project Information Maintenance... [More...]




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Total Downloads: 3753 "Development" releases should be considered in beta.



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Billig Briketter

This blog is truly a gold mine. I have been wallowing on this for quite sometime and here I am reading about it! I will actually try these tips and let you know how they work out! Thanks again mate.
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Laggy, messages sometimes out of order

Works as a messaging system but not an "instant messaging system" When I tested it like I would on MSN messenger, the messages where out of order and would show up minutes later.


How to make a chat?

In the Drupal version of this module, I cn't find any way to make a new chat instance with the ChatRoom module. Any suggestions?


Main process of Chat..

what is the purpose of creating each chat as node?
Is it picking all the messages from sql? If it so..
In suppose their will be more amount of users at the same time enter into chat room.. Wht s the state of SQLDB????
Think trough and let me reply for ths...


WOW this module has come a LONG way

I haven't looked at a single line of the code (and therefore have no idea what's going on behind the scenes), but I do want to say that I'm very impressed with this module's progress and functionality. Even compared to third-party or XMPP integration, this one takes the cake. EXCELLENT job.


Works well

easy to use, nice simple interface.


really great module!

Good amount of features, there was a demonstration website, and it was very easy to figure out.


Great Job!!! But...

First of all you guys are doing a great job. I was trying to install this module and i was successful at installing it but it didn't run correctly, the chatroom was there but when i type inside it and enter, the words dont appear. Please get back at me if you can. Thank you.


Not work!!! - Nem működik...

Setting is ok, but when i open the chat room dont work. white screen and not more! I cant find any document anywhere.

A beállítások rendben vannak, de a cset szobába belépéskor nem csinál semmit. Fehért hátteret ad és semmi mást. Sehog nem találtam leírást erre a hibára vonatkozólag!



Very nice!!

It is possible to embed the chat frame into other page?

Thank you!


Bug :

Please remove comma ',' from line no 148 in chatroom.module (148: banned_message = '%s',).
It shows error on saving node.

user warning: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE nid = 1' at line 8 query: UPDATE chatroom SET poll_freq = 1000, idle_freq = 60000, old_msg_count = 20, kicked_out_message = '', banned_message = '', WHERE nid = 1 in \sites\all\modules\chatroom\chatroom.module on line 157.


ya it's really great things in drupal

It's good but why somebody complain about it, I don't know, I have used this module it's really good for me. Thanks
Manish Nagar


Not Happy

Really lacks in the features and documentation. I didnt seem to have problems because I never got or wanted more then one person to use it at a time! I'm just not happy with it.



I like that it's too simple and easy to use..
But, there are some things to fix...
If a user leave the chat and comes back again, the user name appears twice! or more...
A user that exist at the chat, suddenly disappears and appears again... (and it is not a Christmas tree light...)


having problems!

i've tried this module and had little success. i'm never sure if it's me or the module. a user comes in the room, i see him and then he disappears. so it works then it doesn't. i'm dying for a decent chat module.


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