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Module Overview

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Screenshots Description It syncs the node reference between two node types which have a nodereference to each other, so double editing nodes is no more needed. If one node has a reference the other node receives also a reference to the saved node if it is referenced in that node. Updates Release 6.x-4.0... [More...]


Categories:Administration, Content, Content Construction Kit (CCK), Content display, Fields, Utility


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many to many

It works perfectly when the field-reference_to_node_type_b is limited to 1 value and respectively field-reference_to_node_type_a has unlimited values options.


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he module uses jQuery Countdown Timer to display the countdown timer in a nice graphical way. This module is very useful for event content. manually backlinks



This is exactly what i was looking for. This is a big time saver for developers, no doubt. Brilliant mind, brilliant module! Cheers


Very easy, worked out of the box with my custom import module

I have a custom module that imports TV program data into nodes (all built in Drupal 7). I installed the CNR module, setup the cross references and ran my custom batch import; it's a process which creates about 25,000 nodes, some visible, some not visible, all cross-referenced.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that even though my script is built to only create one-way references that CNR is intelligent enough to take care of the back reference. That is so cool!

I tried running the update on a version of the database that already had all of the data (with one-way node references). It batch processed just under 10,000 nodes in a minute or so. It did a pretty good job, it didn't get everything, but I blame flaws in my data, not CNR.

This module really goes a long way to making Drupal act relational, which is really important to anyone trying to organize interrelated content.

This little module was the final bridge needed to get my proof of concept site working. Thank you so much!


Love this module!

I needed to maintain a one-to-many relationship so that the nodereferences could be updated in either content type and it would maintain the relationship. Example:

Mentor has unlimited nodereference to Student
Student has single nodereference to Mentor

With this handy-dandy module, it was a piece of cake to have it so that if you edit a Mentor you can update the Students and it will automatically update the Student nodeference (back to Mentor) for you. And vice versa.

Gotta have!
Thanks to the authors & maintainers.


Very strongly recommended.

Easy to use, very straight forward. I like how the thing is modeled. I chose this module after comparing backreference, noderelationships, reverse node reference, node referer.



I'm migrating a site with some relatively simple many-to-many relationships that are not suitable for solving using taxonomies.

This module has made creating and maintaining the Drupal node references trivially simple.

Good work.


Saved me a lot of time editing node

Needed it on a job site. While linking up over a 100 companies with multiple jobs, not needing to tell the jobs afterwards which company they belonged to was awesome. Also when I made a mistake on a company and I would see it on a job I could correct it on the job and it would be ok on the company too. No more the frustration of double editing. Thanks!


Reply on akward to use and other points of interest

I dont think thaddeusmt has checked out the module properly. It is possible to explicitly map which node references you want to use when one content type has multiple reference fields.
Backreference should not be used with shared node reference fields on multiple content types (http://drupal.org/node/572242). A feature cnr does support: Choosing a relation (one-one, one-many, many-one, many-many) by content type and by reference instance. Which makes your instances re-useable on multiple content types
The only thing cnr doesnt support right now is the ability to set the amount of references allowed. It can only choose between one or many references.
Since this is a rare case CNR covers 99% of the cases where this type of functionality is needed.


Awkward to use

Going to a separate config page (not the Content Type page) to set the correspondence rules was confusing. Also, didn't let me explicitly map which node references I wanted to use when one content type had multiple reference fields. CNR will probably get the job done, but I would recommend BackReference instead right now. Much easier to use, and more powerful because of it.


Brilliant !

Excellent Module ! thanks for the smart implementation.

Goodbye nodeReferrer !


Must Have

If you user Many-to-Many relationship with Node Reference CCK this is a must have module!!! Thanks


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