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Module Overview

Drupal.org Excerpt:

Data module helps you model, manage and query related sets of tables. It offers an administration interface and a low level API for manipulating tables and accessing their contents. Data module provides Views integration for displaying table data and Drupal search integration for searching table content.... [More...]


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Hi, my question is really

Hi, my question is really about how smaller Drupal firms can stay in the game for Drupal 8. One downside with Drupal 7 was it did take longer to build, but client budgets are the same or lower.


That continues until they

That continues until they start getting called beta, which continues until they get called RC, which continues until they get called for reals now.


It will no longer be

It will no longer be possible to debug the Colorbox issue on this site.


This was

This was exactly what I was looking for to get me started on custom module development.


I'm one of those people

I know. I'm one of those people. And that's why I'm trying to give OP a realistic answer. At their level - which is complete beginner - they can probably convince the local dog groomer to give them a few hundred bucks to slap a theme on a Drupal install, and they can probably muddle their way through it.


I'm wondering what

I'm wondering what you think of this idea given your experience being the D7 maintainer, and contrasting that with being heavily involved in D8? How are you thinking about grappling with the growing complexity and scope of core?


awful due to lack of coumentation

I do not know why the developer who created TableWizard is abandoning his module for the sake of data module which does not have any documentation or tutorials at all. I am stuck with this module and it is of no use. I hope TableWizard developer will keep working on his module for now until we have a stable Data module with some good documentation.


Complete lack of documentation

Wow. No documentation what-so-ever. Goodluck newbies.


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