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Dynamic display block slideshows are mainly used to showcase featured content at a prominent place on the frontpage of the site in an attractive way. A featured content slideshow can contain e.g.: New articles, Most popular content, New products, Portfolios, Videos etc. For more examples see: Demo... [More...]


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Clicca qui

i'm going to look around. maybe i'll come back for another look... there are so many of these slideshow things Clicca qui



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After setup this module

After setup this module on Drupal System(6.9) with lots of Contributed modules, Collapsiblocks in the Create content Editor were freezed.

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Avoid this (6.x version)

These comments are based on the 6.x version. It's possible the 7.x version is better -- it's certainly a lot newer.

Lots of work just to get it working in a basic fashion; creating slideshows is non-trivially difficult -- you will need to be a developer or a skilled administrative user just to create basic node-driven slideshows (it requires at least creating taxonomies and views, and in some scenarios will require creating new content types just to create a slideshow). Overall, far more complex than it needs to be, user interface is difficult and poorly thought out, workflows poorly thought-out. Documentation is muddy and unclear -- it relies on a series of rote examples without much explanation of conceptual framework, and what conceptual explanations there are are difficult to follow because of a combination of vagueness, over-specificity (e.g., highly specific examples without explanation of how they relate to the whole) and language issues.

Difficulty in getting it working is extreme. Their instructions for producing a basic node-based slideshow run to 10 long pages and are as likely to leave you without a functioning slideshow as with a functioning one.


don't think i am going to use this one

i set up the basic slide show and i like it and i kinda watched the video on setting up the advanced stuff. seemed like a lot of exporting and importing and now i'm not sure about it. i'm going to look around. maybe i'll come back for another look... there are so many of these slideshow things

i'm still using this module. there is a conflict with this module and jcarousel, but the issue is well documented


for now i am just commenting out the line that adds the out of date easing plugin

//drupal_add_js($ddblock_path .'/js/jquery.easing.1.1.1.js', 'module');


Works well

Yes, it's a bear to set it up for the advanced custom slideshow but very flexible and well designed. The docs aren't that bad BUT hey are fragmented - scattered about. They just need to make them more cohesive. Buy one of the inexpensive themes and they're easy to modify.


Best Slideshow Ever

I tried a few other slideshows but I was not really satisfied the outcome of them but when I look the websites which use this module, they are absolutely brilliant and the best bit is commercial theme. There are quite alot of them and it's relatively cheap. Anyway the module installation is abit tough(maybe for me) but as long as you follow the installation procedures properly, you'll get it completed easily. The support is amazingly helpful and response are really quick as well. So I would definitely recommend anyone think of using slideshow to use this module.


Takes some getting used to

I chose this module for a project because it happened to have exactly the layout I need for a slideshow with pager thumbnails on the bottom (with prev/next arrows).

There is actually quite a bit of documentation but it took some work and head scratching all the same. Part of the problem is that if you want to install the extra themes, you have to download them from a different web site. Also, you have to change some php code, which won't be easy for some users.

But, in the end, after a couple days (including custom theming), I had the exact slideshow my client wanted. And, now that I've gone through the process of learning the module, I could build a new gallery in about an hour (without custom theming) which is pretty cool.

I *may* have been able to do what I needed with the views slideshow module (there is a ddblock plugin but maybe it wouldn't be necessary - not sure). But, I couldn't find an example of the layout I needed with views slideshow, so I stuck with ddblock.

I have given a Drupal camp presentation on how to build a gallery with this module if you need more help: http://www.kristen.org/content/drupal-ga...



Lots of potential but needs some work

The module is great in concept but it lacks when it comes to true documentation. While I am not the most experienced Drupal developer, I have been able to create a custom working theme in less time that it takes to get this module off the ground. Like other users I had to watch the video to get it going.

If you check the FAQ for insight on how to create a certain layout for the mod, the answer they have is to buy a theme that looks like the style you want as opposed to simply pointing to a tutorial or documentation that describes how the pieces of the module fit together.

I would love to continue to use it but I am looking for an alternative mod. If they get it fixed or offer up some decent documentation I might change my mind.

Better docs would be a great start for what could be a really powerful mod for Drupal.


Definitely worth the effort

This is not a beginner's module at all. The basic slide show is pretty easy but the advanced slide show is really involved. I had to use the video tutorial at http://ddblock.myalbums.biz/node/885 to get any clue as to what do


I gave up too...

Simply the worst documentation I ever see on a module. I gave up after a few days: too much dependencies, too little documentation, too many operations to made it works..


Ok for default use but not ok if you want to customize it

I was extremely happy when I first saw this module as I thought I was finally able to showcase lots of content on my frontpage. In essense this is ok for the default functionality however, it is nearly impossible and extremely tedious and complicated to customize.

There is a lot of documentation and video tutorials on their website but they are all over the place with no logical structure.

After installing the module, you have to edit your template.php file with preprocess functions, create instances of ddblock, views, content types, fields, access it and configure it in 500 different places.

I'm no exaggerating here but it took me more to setup ddblock than my entire drupal setup.

Hopefully the future will bring us easier implementation.


Worth the effort

This module provides a solution for dynamic displays as seen often on frontpages. It does this by providing templates which have to be included into your own files.
There is nothing working out of the box instead you have to work through extended documetation on their page (which is good though). Also the developers seem very eager to help you with your problems.

I got it working after some work but I have to stress that I am not the most experienced user so it might be more a problem on my side.
With the help of the fine tutorials I even managed to customize it. Currently I am thinking of buying one of the nice themes sold on the developers website.

The support is absolutly outstanding. That cannot be stressed enough. Also I got told that a major new release is in the making so a couple of improvements might be comming. This module is taking a very good route.

But: I still do not give it more points on Ease of Use because the whole stuff of adding preprocess functions and the tedious CCS tweaking are quite bothersome.
After all the set up stuff you can simply create new slides but nevertheless there are major flaws. If you want a link not to the slide item but to another node you are back in adding preprocess functions again.....


I gave up

This module seems to have a lot of features, but after following many of their tutorials it just would not work. It may be that one of my other modules is conflicting, but I personally don't feel this module is intuitive enough for people like me to administer.

Looking at their support it looks like they will make it happen and make it easy, but for now I am happy to use views rotator module. It does not have the same cool effects though.


one of the best

as far as display modules go this is one of the best.
i disagree with it being a Pro module only. i am very much a beginner with drupal and code and everything and i found once getting through the install process which only requires a copy paste and to enter your theme name in two places in the code that things were not that hard even though i had to ask for help a couple of times because of stupid errors i made, the documentation in the install can be better for beginners, but the support is unmatched. ppblauw is one of the best maintainters i have come across so far. thank ppblauw.

Styling the blocks is also easy. it is have been one of my first attempts at CSS styling and after a little toying around it has been easy to make a stylish block. the pay off in the module is so amazing. one of the best modules out there IMHO



After setup this module on Drupal System(6.9) with lots of Contributed modules, Collapsiblocks in the Create content Editor were freezed.
I had to restore system with "Backup and Migrate" modules.
(Those collapiblock in the Admin pagea were No problem.)

Suggest to use Backup your system before setting this module up.


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