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Module Overview

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The Environment Indicator adds a coloured strip to the side of the site informing you which environment you're currently in (Development, Staging, Production etc). This is incredibly useful if you have multiple environments for each of your sites, and like me, are prone to forgetting which version of... [More...]


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Incredible! Wonderful look into since comments. As soon as I achieve quite a lot of helps bigger than these associated using it write-up to utilize any campaign definitely. As soon as I recommend it. Not surprisingly it has a look at https://www.usacheckcashingstore.com/spring-valley In conjunction with reveal to points with one’s own blog. End up grateful benefiting from tremendous amount.


In Rails, there's

In Rails, there's an environments variable called RAILS_ENV that tells you which environment you're in. Other than creating my own environment variable, is there a default one that tells you which environment you are in in Django?


Amazing module

Was very easy to install. Will help prevent lots of mistakes when switching environments.


Outstanding aid when working with several environments

On every project I do, there is a development environment (local on my machine), a staging environment (on a VPS), and a production environment (live). On many there's also a testing environment. When you're multitasking especially this can get a bit muddled. You don't want to be doing configuration and such on the wrong environment. This module is a wonderful solution!

And all the configuration can be added with very simple and well-documented code strings in settings.php for each instance.

This is now part of my default module set. Kudos and thanks to the developers who contributed this!


Simple but effective

This is one of those modules that you never knew you needed until you try it. I have multiple sites that look the same and I have a few things to help me spot which site I am on ,but using this is a great help. Simple works out the box and no hassle. Great Job!


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