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Module Overview

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CKEditor module: CKEditor is the successor to FCKeditor and has its own CKEditor module. The FCKeditor module will not receive any new features, nor will it be updated for Drupal 7. Upgrading to CKEditor is recommended for all users of FCKeditor. WYSIWYG editor This module allows Drupal to replace textarea... [More...]




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It's a great module since it makes creating presentable content easy. However, since it's big, it will create problems with certain browsers at times.


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Simply Awesome!

This FCKeditor module is simply the best that I have used so far. It is very easy to use as well, even if you are a newbie. Try it for yourself and you will see what I mean.



I don't know the reason.. but after i've deinstalled and installed again, it worked. Homepage


truth about cellulite

drupal websites, again and again.. this is a big time saver, belive me! truth about cellulite


Big improvement for drupal!

I simply recommend this module for anyone who want something to save their time. This thing is a big time, and improvement for drupal. Cheers!



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Great job guys!

Thanx for sharing this awesome module. I've been searching this kind of module for days.. Love you guys. Keep it like that!


Thanx alot

Excellent module for ecommerce sites. You gonna see some good extra sales. Belive me !


Simply A Great Module

This FCKeditor module is simply great since it makes creating content easy yet presentable. However, it's big and at times will cause problems with certain browsers. Anyway, good to use this module!


great improvement for drupal

Great improvement for drupal. Lots of thanx to who created this module. In my projects it does a pretty good job!


Great module!

If you're a guy who needs a fancy, modern and easy to use html editor with a lot of great features.. this is what you need for sure. Just use it. You not gonna be disappointed, belive me!


nice features

it has some good new features but i got some errors at first instalation. I don't know the reason.. but after i've deinstalled and installed again, it worked. I don't wanna make a bad image to this module. I must admit, i'm not quite familiar with this cms... maybe i've done something wrong.


Reminds me about wordpress :)

If you used wordpress before, and now you moved to drupal, definitive you gonna want this module. It has almost the same features like that from wordpress.

It works great! no bugs, no errors. I strongly recommend it !


License Problem

CKeditor is the next generation of FCKeditor and the developers are the same but they changed project name and features.
CKeditor is my favorite editor but the only problem is confusing about license of it so i don't use it. In the CKeditor website, its is written that you can use it for free with open source programs but they developed a version for Drupal and its not free. I don't know if i want to use it on a business and allow visitors to use it for writing content, should i purchase a priced version or using free version is still available. I think that they confused the users with license as they didn't make it clear for webmasters use Drupal and have business websites.


Outdated and low on features

You can't compare this module to the CKeditor, since CKeditor is so much better. FCKeditor has a bad UI and is outdated. The file uploader also works better with CKeditor.

I also have problems when switching out of the editor before saving a node. Some of the code doesn't save correctly.



i´m not the html freak, so i need the wysiwyg editor to create my homepage. very helpful, that this module is done. i think in drupal core a wysiwyg editor were helpful.



Personally, I hate wysiwyg in all forms because they never seem to work correctly and cause serious issues sometimes. FCKeditor is one such prime example, although it's the best of the breed, feature-wise if not performance-wise. This module in d6 will retard your site and has show-stopping clipping css issues in chrome.

The author recreated fckeditor with ckeditor and did a fantastic job. Many performance improvements- kudos to him for that. It's your better bet than using fckeditor.


Use WYSIWYG module instead

I've run into two real problems with this module (and with the corresponding CKEditor module).

The first problem is that it overzealously applies the FCKEditor to too many text boxes within Drupal - including many in the administrative interface that should not contain styled text. Yes, I am aware that this can be configured on a case-by-case basis. But as a user of this module, it is unreasonable for me to track down all of the boxes that should be excluded and turn them off, one-by-one.

The second problem is an unfortunate interaction with custom Drupal themes. This module chooses to embed the FCKEditor in an HTML iframe component. As a result, theme-related CSS styles that are applied to the "body" tag accidentally affect the FCKEditor block. In my case, the FCKEditor had a dark-blue background and was unusable.

In contrast, the Drupal WYSIWYG module has been a dream to work with. The WYSIWYG module directly supports
FCKEditor, so you end up with the same functionality. However, it doesn't encounter either of the problems above.


Very good WYSIWYG

Use it on all my sites. Newspapers,B2B istes, big companies, my own site and to back-end system sites.


Good editor with lots of feature, but slow to load up

FCK editor is stil one of my favourite editor, where I use it on some of my drupal web and also OScommerce web. It has lots of features and functions. The only trouble "it takes 1-3 seconds until the toolbars loaded up in some of my webs". I think it could be because I have many modules loaded in those webs.

I could suggest "whizzywig" if you want a "lite" version of FCKeditor. It has much less icons and fuction, but still do the job



Still the best

After switching to WYSIWYG API for a short time due to the current hype about it, I have decided to come back to this module and do not regret it.

I can only speak from the perspective of a poorly skilled end-user and cannot comment on the advantages or disadvatages of WYSIWYG on the code/intergration level.

But FCK Module is the only one that gives you full control over the appearance and functionality of the editor. With WYSIWYG I had to compromise on nearly every aspect and struggle with lacking functionality.

Enough is enough. No matter what the coders say: Only with FCK I can achieve what I want to achieve. After lots of testing I still fail to see where WYSIWYG would give me an advantage over FCK. Quite contrary.


Great product

Stable, and you can choose what buttons to display on your wysiwyg editor. You can see it in action here:http://cmstips.org


Look no further

This is the editor that should ship with Drupal core.

The editor UI is clean and intuitive. And the file manager just rocks.

Follow the README.txt carefully to make sure you get it installed properly. It's worth the effort.


Not working for me

I bet some problem with the installation procedure here. Unfortunately the README file gives incorrect instructions. In specific it notes the modules/fckeditor/fckeditor as the right location for the module however going to site configuration I got a "not installed correctly" error asking me to install the latest module in /modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/fckeditor/ specifying the right location as modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/fckeditor

I tried a couple more times but no luck


Best WYSIWYG for Drupal

Powerful, easy to understand and config, valid and semantic xHTML code. Simple IMCE integration for pictures uploading.
Pretty good, but not lightweight!


If you need an Editor this one works best with more versatility

If you need an Editor this one works best with more versatility, BUT you have to set it up for your template. Test it, and your good to go.


Great WYSIWYG Editor, takes a bit of configuring

If you're using this module, I highly recommend that you read the readme file and the install file carefully first and then work through them step by step. It's not something you can just load up, activate and it works, particularly if you're looking to integrate it with images.

I use it with Image Assist, which I find to be a good module (and again you must read the readme file, not sure if this has an install file).

Once everything's installed and working, it works brilliantly, with easy tables, image insertion and everything.


A good alternative to TinyMCE

This module performs quite well. I evaluated it against TinyMCE, and found that FCKeditor provided basically the same feature set.

The decision came down to spell checking: TinyMCE has a live spellchecker, but it crashes IE6 when enabled. FCKeditor has a popup spellchecker that doesn't cause any crashes. Stability was the biggest requirement, so FCKeditor won out.



I upgraded to Alpha-2 (explains the low ratings). I can now not filter and edit or delete content through drupal's main content filter. Looks like I'm going to roll this back and re-install rc-1.


Best Drupal editor module

especially with IMCE added.


Don't work

I install this module,but it tell me this:
The FCKeditor component is not installed correctly. Please go to the FCKeditor homepage to download the latest version. After that you must extract the files to /drup/modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/ and make sure that the directory /drup/modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/editor and the file /drup/modules/fckeditor/fckeditor/fckeditor.js exist. Refer to the readme.txt for more information.

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Perseverance was necessary

I installed the module and had some issues with the displaying of paragraphs and such but the actual problem stemmed from certain permission settings that were related to the display of HTML code. These were in the actual Drupal core end of things though.

Aside from a few days of craziness trying to get my manual formatting to stay put while I fixed the issue, I LOVE it.

No more tags, no more manual formatting...just beautiful inline text editing. WYSIWYG all the WAY with this beautiful module.

The documentation was simple and straight forward, just lacking some of the finer detail I would have hoped for as a new Drupal user. All in All though I am VERY happy with this module and will definately recommend it to others.


The Best!

It is the best WYSIWYG editor for Drupal. No other WYSIWYG editor supports image uploads which is essential for a WYSIWYG editor when it comes to blogging and stuff like that.


Preferred Editor

I have a site where users can leave comments. I implemented FCKeditor and other editors on a test site for users to demo. The majority preferred FCKeditor by a wide margin.

It takes some time to install and configure, but once complete everything works great.

This module is well supported and in active development -- a big plus.


A really god WYSIWYG-editor

I have tried TinyMCE and now FCKeditor and I must say that this one is better. Some bugs but quick response and not that hard to use. I have read that some thinks it's hard but I must say that there is much more that's harder to install then this one.


Well supported & looks right in my theme

After some trouble with other wysiwygs not looking right in my theme, I decided to try fck. I've been very happy with it.
When problems occurred, the developers were quick to post workarounds and get fixes into the stream for the next release.



I started using this module recently, after using TinyMCE for the past year. In a word, it's SWEET. I found it much easier to install, configure and most importantly, much easier for my site users to use.


Best editor out there.

Best editor out there. Tricky to configure, but better than the rest.


Work without problem so far for Drupal 6.4

It just works after install and config. This is further than I got with TinyMCE. I couldn't get TinyMCE to appear after install and configuration. Both basically work the same way as far as install and config goes. So thumb up for fckeditor!

Also integration with IMCE is simple and works like a charm.

I one of the thing I like about FCKEditor is its ability to switch to plain text editor so I can enter full html.

Only thing I wish is an uninstall in the module uninstall page. Not that I have reason to uninstall. But this feature should be there.


Great... Great... Great

A breeze to install... highly configurable... professional and very usefull. Any Drupal install should get this without even asking what it does.


Simply the Best... If you can configure it :-p

I have tried allot of WYSIWYG editors, and I could get nothing to meet my specific needs except FCKEditor. The problem? It is complex! To configure it you need to know JScript. Its fully compatible, and it can be rather large though it is compressed!

I love it, and feel nice and cozy with it!


Reliable for mutilangue site

I must to said, fckeditor is flexible then TINYmce, and reliable.
Just one thing need to improve, sometimes when using with other module like IMCE, people will met issues on there and can't find how to solve this.
User need have a much better intergrate with other module.( although I know this is harder.)



Its been a thorn in my side during production, but works well for my users once every other module is set and they get all of their differences hammered out.


Well, it's the one of the big two WYSIWYGs I've had less problems with

If that says it all :) It's big, unwieldy, can cause browser issues... but hey, sometimes you need a WYSIWYG. I much prefer the way FCK can do uploads/images/etc inline over TinyMCE. I've also had less problems with it doing screwy things. That being said, it can be a pain to configure and the documentation isn't so hot. Still.. it gets the job done!


After two other editors...

FCKeditor is the third WYSIWYG editor that I installed on Drupal 5.7, then Drupal 6 in my quest for an editor that worked reasonably well.

The other editors worked OK until I embedded a Google Map, i.e. an iFrame, at which point they hemorrhaged.

FCKeditor is able to handle Google Maps most of the time. In fairness, I think there is a caching problem with Firefox and FCKeditor. FCK works fine in IE7.

For all other formating including image uploads and Drupal Breaks, FCKeditor works like a charm.

On the Drupal 6.1 site, I'm using FCKeditor 2.6Beta.

It is very important to read the readme.txt and follow the directions.


Good stuff

A great WYSIWYG editor with a whole bunch of features. But its a rather large download on each page. So I usually keep it minimized, with the option to turn it on. This works well.


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