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This module is useful for feature development using the Features module. Occasionally the Features module auto detects components that you do not want exported to features. You can use this module to remove those auto-detected components from any and all features you choose. The Features Plumber UI module... [More...]


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When a user edits their account details they can choose to upload an image or photo of themselves, also known as an avatar. The Avatar Selection module allows the user to pick an avatar image from a list already loaded by an administrative user. It is also possible to disable the uploading of pictures by users and only allow them to select an avatar icon from this list.


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The Features Plumber UI module adds checkboxes to the feature create form, and unchecking these detected components will cause them to be removed from the actual generated export.
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This module is useful for feature development using the Features module. Occasionally the Features module auto detects components that you do not want exported to features. You can use this module to remove those auto-detected components from any and all features you choose.


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Features Plumber module

Features Plumber module its an okay one

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