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module overview

Module Overview

Drupal.org Excerpt:

Integrates Drupal with the services provided by Google FeedBurner. Currently this module provides the means to redirect requests for your site's feeds to user-specified/created FeedBurner feeds. Special user agents, like FeedBurner and Feed Validator (this can be customized) are still allowed access... [More...]


Maintainer:Dave Reid
Categories:Syndication, Third-party integration


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Worked nicely

Does what it says. I'm running it on D6.x and there have been no problems--well one (really minor). I'm getting to that.

I've subtracted a few points from documentation and reliability because it didn't play nicely (at first) with FCKeditor--which throws errors when you're first configuring the feeds. (FCK will add paragraph tags to the user agent code in the advanced settings that will throw all kinds of errors. It took me a little while to pin this down, but the solution is to just switch to plain text, remove the tags, and all will be right once more.)

Other than tiny, tiny issue, it works great!


Excellent redirect for using Feedburner

The Feedburner module is perfect for the Drupal site or user who wants to redirect their feeds through Feedburner in order to better count subscribers, and other RSS stats. Check out the settings in both the admin site building and the admin site configuration screens.

Happy Feed Burning!


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