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Module Overview

Drupal.org Excerpt:

This module allows you to display an image on selected pages. If you want one image on the frontpage, another on all FAQ pages and yet another on the about us and contact pages, this is the module that can do it. Each image, included in a node, can be shown on pages based on node id, path, taxonomy,... [More...]




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Header image works with a selectable node type. All node content is displayed in the block without node title, taxonomy or links. Header image is designed to use a node type containing a single image field



Header image is a heart of a website, such modules helps in making it easier to customize the header image. Thanks


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Documentation effects everything

If the usage of a module is not straightforward than it needs good documentation and instructions... this module does not have this at all. Instructions assume the process is already known and works like a reminder to the author, not a help to person who has never used it.

If you have a day to waste, then give this module a try.

Note - latest release is very old, so it's not going to get any better.

*** Try "Image Title" module. Up and running in a few minutes, easy to use and understand (just upload an image in your node creation). It's the solution for people needing this sort of thing.


This module rocks!

Going beyond the poor documentation which makes initial install horrible - I almost gave up on this module - all said and done, this module works like a charm! If your running a catalog or a store, this module is a must - allowing you display specific headers for specific content, like if your a clothing store and you want to have a sale on Polo's, you can have a sale header show up on the polo pages wherever they are - as long as you have a decent taxonomy and pathauto configured. And make sure you use the weights system, if you want to have a main header on all pages - set it to like 5, and your sale header set to 6 so it overrides the main header. I don't have any sales running at the time, but I set it up for different categories here at Tees Plus, our art department has the size template and after they design a header, it literally takes under 5 mins to have a new header added and configured - I just looove drupal !


Header Image module review..

This is a great and easy tool but its very very limited. Since the header image becomes part of the content, it is nearly impossible to move it without have to do some crazy workarounds.


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