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Module Overview

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Image Browser is a simple, elegant and beautiful image browser for Drupal. Try out a demo (Version 1 | Version 2) and post any bugs you find. If, after using the demo, you don't think Image Browser has all the features you need then please do check out Image Assist or IMCE. Key features (Version 2) Beautiful... [More...]


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Drupal Image Browser Module

Drupal Image Browser Module
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great module, builded in drupal way

very good module, very nice using of views, imagecache and access rules

all what i wish to add is more templates ;)


So good, so simple

This module is so simple to install and so simple for end users to add images with. That is all.

Great job by the developer to do those things, simplicity is VERY hard to get right!

Thank you to the developer(s)!!


Ok, but not worth the trouble

Would be easier to use in the documentation was better. It produced broken images once I got it installed. Looks like the ImageCache aspect of it wasn't working properly. I just don't have the time to mess with getting this to work when it doesn't support Image node body text well.


Best Image Browser for Drupal

I have tried all of image browser modules available for Drupal and even though there are other powerful image browsers available none are as simple to use, and beautiful as this one.
I needed something very basic. A user clicks an icon, chooses image, chooses format and done. This module handled that perfectly with FCKeditor.
Using Imagecache you have the most powerful templates to choose from and which this UI everyone can do it without complications. I HIGHLY recommend this module!


Finally a decent Image uploading tool!

This should be made part of the Drupal core. Excellent tool and looks good too. A little tricky to setup with FCKeditor initially but achievable with a little work. Also a bug with regard to PDF module: "Printer, e-mail and PDF" - The PDF creator doesn't work with pages that have images. Hopefully this will be corrected at some point soon.


Great module

This module is worth a try if you need an image browser compatible with ImageCache. Works well with FCK editor. A custom folders option would be great for the future!


Absolutely Awesome

Truly a Great module. Looks beautiful, easy to use, integrates seemlessly with Image Cache/user role permissions. It's also probably the easiest module to use when explaining image management to clients. Outstanding work.


This is the module I have been looking for!

This is a great way to browser your server for images that have already been uploaded to server with the HUGE benefit of being able to then apply imagecache settings to the images. This is the module that I've been waiting for for 3 years. And it's very well done to boot.


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