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Description Displays the Image Title field in a <div> below an Image. Add an Image Field to your content type and then enable this formatter at: admin/structure/types/manage/[content_type]/display/default History The most popular article on my website is about how to create an Image Caption Formatter.... [More...]


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Warehouse equipment

Effective operation of any warehouse depends on the degree of technical equipment and equipment used in the process. Major groups of technological equipment are: equipment for handling and yard transportation; equipment storage areas and equipment for automation of accounting operations. In General, the efficiency of storage area and containers on the basis of the rationalization process using progressive schemes of mechanization, modern materials handling and process equipment is one of the main tasks of the organization of storage facilities. Development of schemes of mechanization is based on the following factors:

- detailed analysis of the technological processes on operations in order to identify the most time-consuming work;

- maximum use of area and volume warehouses;

search extensibility of warehouse space;

- reducing the distance of movement of goods by hand;

- optimization of pathways handling machines;

- reduction of unproductive losses of energy resources;

- reduce the number of TRANS-shipment of goods;

- increased use of hoisting-and-transport and technological equipment;

- interchangeability handling and processing equipment;

- increase productivity and reduce labor costs for processing of goods;

- provide convenient access to the goods;

- minimize time spent on picking and shipping orders to customers;

- ensure the optimal working conditions of workers in all areas.


Warehouse Solutions

To build an effective system of storage of products, you must consider the following questions:

1. The method of transportation of goods from the warehouse. The method of transportation has a direct impact on the organization of warehousing, inventory levels and the level of customer service. Different modes of transportation require a different organization of work, different costs and time. All this must be analyzed and considered when selecting the structure of the storage system.

2. The allocation method - direct or via the branch warehouses. Possible or direct shipment from enterprise products to the consumer, or delivery through the branch warehouses. Note that the more commonly used mixed, so-called doesany the flow of product delivery: some of the products the company ships directly to consumers, as part sends to the branch depots from which it is supplied to consumers. However, when the supply of certain types of products used and more complex chain of movement production: producer - regional warehouse local warehouse users.

On the effective functioning inventory system enormous influence the choice of the necessary equipment. Depending on the physical condition and characteristics of the stored material values exists for the following storage facilities:

- for storage and processing unit oversized cargo. Such goods may be stored in warehouses stacked (flat rack or box pallets or in racks, types and parameters which depend on the size, weight and features of stored products, as well as the destination warehouse, processing technologies of cargo, age and other factors;

- for storage and handling of packaged goods (usually used pallets and packages);

- for storage and handling of bulk cargoes. Bulk materials are stored in open storage areas in piles and trenches of various shapes and private warehouses, and at low levels in bins of various shapes;

- for storage and handling of liquid cargo. Liquid cargo can be stored in warehouses in containers (barrels, bottles, drums or bulk;

- for storage and handling of gases. These types of goods stored in containers, tanks, bottles or other sealed containers.


This seems fairly doable, honestly

This seems fairly doable, honestly. But I will try to configure the module on my page.


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