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Link Intelligence (LI) provides multiple methods to facilitate automated and manual linking of related web page content. It is designed with easy plug-and-play defaults for simple install and forget auto-linking, yet is highly configurable to enable advanced linking strategies. It supports both standard... [More...]


Categories:Content, Content Construction Kit (CCK), Content display, Filters and editors, Site navigation, Views


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To achieve a major speed improvement Quick SimpleTest caches parts of the setUp() method of the test run, which gets called before every test method.
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This takes a very long time to finish up, because it will install a hole Drupal environment and then enable a list of requested or required modules. This module will make save marks after these two operations and on the next call to setUp it will start from them.


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Search engine optimization (SEO) - LI can interlink content with a blend of in content and sidebar links to re-enforce important keywords on your website.
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LI uses the concept of link requests as an intermediary to enable highly flexible linking strategies. The advantage of this approach is that requests can be automatically synced for simple install and forget functionality or manually configured for advanced control.


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