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Module Overview

Drupal.org Excerpt:

A module which runs the Drupal cron operation using normal browser/page requests instead of having to set up a crontab to request the cron.php script. The module inserts a small amount of JavaScript on each page of your site that when a certain amount of time has passed since the last cron run, calls... [More...]


Maintainer:Dave Reid


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Total Downloads: 8127 "Development" releases should be considered in beta.



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A module which runs the Drupal cron operation using normal browser/page requests instead of having to set up a crontab to request the cron
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it might not be what you like, however, it does it's intended purpose perfecly.


My second preferred method

My second preferred method of "real time" communication, since all of the top core developers hang out here


Development releases might

Development releases might cut down on people downloading things randomly


Since you have not created

Since you have not created any websites on Drupal Gardens, this is why you do not receive updates to the thread, and you are prompted with a CAPTCHA word verification when adding a comment to an existing thread.



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As a Drupal community

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Easy to use perfect for shared hosting

Easy to use module. For some shared hosting platforms the only way to use cron jobs. Cron jobs for example index your site for internal search and clean cache data.


Please help me with this!

Recently, i've changed my hosting with another and my site gives me this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function format_interval() in .........../sites/all/modules/poormanscron/poormanscron.module on line 55
Can someone tell me how can i solve this ? ?


Needed Module

Before releasing Drupal 7, this module was not available by default in Drupal pack and it was really needed. Because making crons was difficult when their number increased and this module solved this problem and as it was really awesome, it was implemented into Drupal 7 core.


Good module.

Takes the pain out of using cPanel. Good user interface and it does the job.


Incredible for D6, built into D7

I could never live without this module. Its great that it is being moved into the Drupal Core in 7.x. Thanks for a great module!


Perfect for your WAMP

This is a nice solution for development on the WAMP platform. Since you don't have cron access in WAMP, you can at least have you cron based modules go off correctly. Remove when you get to production and you aren't losing any processing power.


Works perfect!

it might not be what you like, however, it does it's intended purpose perfecly.


A prerequisite to a smooth running site

Cron is so vital to the operation of a Drupal site, yet it can be perplexing to the newcomer. Enter poormanscron -- a one stop solution that takes the guesswork, frustration and sheer misery out of configuring cron jobs for your feeds, for the scheduled publication of nodes, for a thousand and one other dynamic functions that are so critical to an SEO site. A real workhhorse, and one of the top ten as far as I am concerned.



Perfect for nontechnical admins

I don't have access to modify the cron on our server and this module makes it much easier to kick off cron runs. It's also great for people who don't know how to modify the cron and want to manage that through Drupal.



I've written a few reviews on the modules I like, this module I don't like.

I don't see the need to add a module to your site that will constantly check if it needs to run. It's a drain on resources, no matter how small.

Setup cron via the command line or your cpanel, if you don't have access to these or similar things then it may be time to switch hosters.


C'mon guys

Yes, this is a useful module. But I think mostly because it lets you be lazy. Set up your cron job, it's pretty easy. With cPanel you don't even need to write the ONE LINE of code.


Simple, useful

It can be a pain setting up an actual cron job, particularly if running multiple websites. This makes cron management very easy to manage. Great for small to medium sized sites. Larger sites may prefer the consistency of traditional cron.



Having access to cron, I do not have a need for this module, but I gave it a shot just to see what all the fuss was about. It was a breeze to install and setup and so far, no hitches in its execution. I see no real need for improvement as it does exactly what it is meant to do with no foreseeable problems. For as important that cron is to drupal, this module fills the hole for others that cannot access their cron settings.


Does simply what it's supposed to do.

Saves the day if you can't run your own cron!


Saves learning Yet Another obscurity

After learning dozens of languages, countless scripts, etc. it's refreshing to find Poormanscron which runs Cron beautifully.

Alternatively, I could learn Cron - but why?

It is a must have module.


Very Helpful

Great on a shared server where you don't have access to cron mechanisms.



Works just as expected with very little configuration.


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