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#D7CX: I pledge that Quick Tabs will have a full Drupal 7 release on the day that Drupal 7 is released. The Quick Tabs module allows you to create blocks of tabbed content, specifically views, blocks, nodes* and other quicktabs*. You can create a block on your site containing multiple tabs with corresponding... [More...]


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5 minutes to read, 5 minutes to having it working on my site

Very impressed with this module. It is quick, the documentation is adequate, the UI is easy to follow.

Highly recommended. I will be using this on many sites.



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Simply brilliant!

If you're an open minded web designer, and have good knowledge of drupal, with this module you gonna move your site to next level. Alot of beautiful things you can make with it.


Quick Tabs is great!

I freakin love this module. It's everything you want a module to be: simple, easy to use, and lightweight and user-friendly on the front end.

It also saves a lot of real estate when you want to display multiple blocks or views on a single page.

No complaints so far!


Simply brilliant

I wacked 3 different but related existing Views in a block at Site building >> Quicktabs >> Add new QT block in 5 minutes. Then took another 2 minutes to pick one of the 10 tab-styles at Site configuration >> Quicktabs.
Looks elegant and saves a lot of space.
Works a treat. Brilliant!
Taking one point off the documentation on the project page because it doesn't make clear enough how easy it all is!


Great function and easy to use

The README file had a list of steps that I easily followed and got what I wanted up and running first time in an hour.


very handy module

I've used this on a few sites now...works well, for the most part it's stable although I've occasionally run into caching wierdness.

Fairly easy to re-theme once you're used to theming stuff in drupal. Only gripe is it would be nice to be able to directly edit blocks in the tabs instead of having to send users back to the blocks management page...there's probably a separate block to do that which I haven't found yet...


Helped clear up the clutter!

This module is fricken awesome! :) We had recent Popular, Comments, Forum posts, Blog post and Videos all stack on top of each other in a column. This module allowed us to consolidate all that clutter into a nice tabbed block. You can see it in action here:


You can also see multiple quick tabs being used on the same page here:

(sorry the page is so wide! :P)


Great Find

Absolutly awesome piece of work. This thing is easy to use, makes your site much nicer and easier to use. Just great.


Really good but with some issues!

The new versions of Quick Tabs is polished and amazing. Katbailey has been amazingly receptive to users needs and has made QT into everything it needs to be! She has addressed all of my needs and thus 5 stars for all 4 is deserved! Don't use any other module for your tab needs, you have found the one you need!

------------OLD REVIEW------------
Updated: Working with developer to address these issues! Will change review when they are!

First its not clear what is the difference between "embed" and "page" or "blocks". I ultimately kept playing with them. Blocks allow for MORE, but according to the issue query it doesn't work. Outside of that there is no difference.

Second these break the adjustable text boxes! This is a major issue throughout all of Drupal!

These tabs do break right now, and allot of issues are in there query!

They would be ABSOLUTELY amazing and one of the BEST add-ons for Drupal if they worked. However right now they are not worth the time.

I want to use these SO BADLY! But ultimately I have to back away and go with another solution:(

Lastly all of the data for these tabs are loaded at once. These tabs are not using the dynamic downloads JQuerry can provide. I quick Rewrite will fix that, however until it is done the project greatly increases the download time of the page! (no AJAX makes it a 4 in features)


Sheer genius

This is a workhorse on my ecommerce site, and does the job well 100% of the time. It is powerful, flexible, can accommodate views and blocks with ease, and the CSS behind it can be highly customized (if you know what you are doing!). Saves lots of web page real estate. Comes out of the box with several different looks, all nicely done from an aesthetic point of view. Superb work and a terrific addition to the family of third party modules for drupal. Congratulations!


Works well, could be a little more polished, but works well.

I was dreading diving into how this module works, but once I understood how it worked, I was impressed by how cleanly and efficiently it dealt with the problem.

I really liked how well the tab themeing function was handled. It made it very easy to replicate and customize a tab theme. From looking at the module documentation though, it wasn't apparent that this would be the case.

I'd like to echo a small bit of discontent with how each tab needs to load during page load, but other than that (besides my standard complaint about insufficent documentation in most Drupal modules), this is a very effective and useful module that I will be keeping in my bag of tricks.

(A caveat: Most developers hate documentation and I completely sympathize with that sentiment. I dislike the process as well: it feels like redundant work. I don't know a good "fix" for this problem, other than it needs to be considered as critical a part of development as bug-free code and good UI. Easy to talk about, difficult to acheive.)


Very easy to use and works 100%

This module has 2 parts:
- The configuration page where you choose a tab theme and some other stuff.
- A Tab creation page where you select which views the quick tab shoudl contain.

There is nothing more to it so it is really easy to use and does what you expect.

Small note:
Some themes require more width than others so you might have to change the width of a whole column if the tabs doesn't fit.


Wow!! It has done my job simpler

A good module which makes drupal websites look good with pre-defined designs.

There is one negative that is you would not be able to remove tabs while editing.


Amazing module

This is such a great module, just installed and it works ! There's even some theming options, 10 base tab designs available, or you can create your own.

Love it !


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