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Module Overview

Drupal.org Excerpt:

This module provides formatters for number fields that convert the value between any unit supported by the Units API module. SUPPORTED UNITS All units are provided by the Units API module. Length: millimeter (mm) centimeter (cm) decimeter (dm) meter (m) kilometer (km) foot (ft) inch (in) mile (mi) yard... [More...]


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good module

It changes the values which are supported by unit API module which means it can format the values.


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Unit Conversion Formatters

This module works well when providing formatters for number fields and converts different values. Internet TV Software


cool feature

this feature can be cool to make a page where a user can convert from a unit to a unit


I'm also a bit

I'm also a bit surprised that some other CMS hasn't completely stolen Drupal's thunder


We love the clients

We love the clients we have who run Drupal, and from our perspective


I finnaly managed to do

As a beginner of Drupal, this module was quite difficult to understand, but I finnaly managed to do it! It's great!


If you are new using Drupal

If you are new using Drupal I do not recommend you to trying that if you have a due date. All depends on your knowlegde of PHP and Drupal.


Make sure your

Make sure your MySQL database is running, the host/user/password is correct AND that your host has access.


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