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Module Overview

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Does your client want to modify the header, footer, title, or empty text of a view, but you don't want to train them on the rather intimidating Views UI admin interface or give them access to pages that may allow them to mess up their site? Then this handy little module is the solution for you! "Views... [More...]


Maintainer:Jonah Ellison
Categories:Administration, Content, Views


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I'm using Views Basic

I'm using Views Basic UI in Drupal 6 to allow users to edit a views header and title.



Does your customer demand to influence the header, footer, designation, or void subject of a watch, besides you don't desire to trail them on the somewhat intimidating Observes UI admin interface or provide them entree to servants that might tolerate them to shambles up their spot. Next this adept exiguous module is the answer for you.
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