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Module Overview

Drupal.org Excerpt:

The XML sitemap module creates a sitemap that conforms to the sitemaps.org specification. This helps search engines to more intelligently crawl a website and keep their results up to date. The sitemap created by the module can be automatically submitted to Ask, Google, Bing (formerly Windows Live Search),... [More...]


Maintainer:Dave Reid
Categories:Drush, Search, Third-party integration, Utility


VersionDateFilesRelease notes
Total Downloads: 7534 "Development" releases should be considered in beta.



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a website and keep their results up to date. The sitemap created by the module can be automatically submitted to Ask, Google, Bing (formerly Windows Live http://www.textyourexbackforum.com/


XML Sitemap

XML sitemap is very easy to use for me.


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It was the time..

This module should be integrated in drupal core for sure.. A large part of drupal users use this cms on medium / huge sites.. and an xml is a must have for lot of pages what the hell.... Hope someone will hear / read me.


Not enough Documentation

I think this module is not easy to use...
I've rebuild the sitemap, but the link are the same...


After a big headache it finally works!

I Finally got the sitemap! Perhaps it's just because I didn't do cron before. Not sure why really. I installed 3 different versions and just when I was about to give up, I saw the desired map. Now things are fine, but that took a long time .


Drupal 6 conversion has been slow and buggy

This was a great module on Drupal 5, but the conversion to the Drupal 6.x version was been very slow, and very buggy. A simple glance over the code has exposed a very dirty module that is in desperate need of a rewrite so it can prove its reliability for Drupal sites small and large. Until then, I can't recommend it for production sites.

EDIT: I now maintain the 6.x-2.x and 7.x-2.x versions of the module and things have changed a lot. The module has much better performance, reliability, and scalability. We can always work on better documentation. Just wanted to update everyone that things are being addressed and being worked on.


Great SEO Module

This module is pretty good for helping you submit your site to several search engines easily and can be set up in seconds. I only have one main complaint with this module but if I am overlooking it maybe someone will post how to in the comments. The module does not seem to deal with Views at all, as I see none of them in the sitemap itself.


Thumbs Up!

Very nice module! :D


if only there would be a README file

with a decent instruction on how to use this. Coz for me it's totally not working. My Google meta tag verification isn't showing up on my site and nowhere that explains how to do it. Documentation found online apparently is mostly available for D5..
Really needs more work.
btw, I was using D6.14 and XML Sitemap 6.x-1.1 which is the recommended version.


6.x-2.x is Awesome!! All New and Ready 4 u 2

The title says it all,, David Reid and members of the community have pulled together to put this module back on the front page.. No kidding, yes, I know about the headaches from the past-been there, done that.. Forget it, and install this mod, you will be very pleasantly surprised.
-------6.x2.x --All New Rewrite w/Bells & Whistles-------
It has custom links, menus, nodes, --&-- TAXONOMY included. I tested it with 9000 nodes, comments, taxonomy. I ran it at 100, 200 and 5000 per cron, spits out those files perfectly with an index page. David Reid tested it with 50,000 nodes and a boat load of stuff-- just as smooth as you please. And for a little icing on the Drupal logo, it has an optional style sheet, just so you can show off your new XML-SITEMAP. >>Please note: You must uninstall the old version before you put this in! OK, what u waiting for, go do it and u will be a happy camper too... dbeall@drupal.org


Love this module can't live without it

The sitemap XML is one of the most useful modules I've seen. You basically just give it the authentication information from Google, Live(msn), and Yahoo!, and it creates the files that they need to validate you, it also creates the Sitemap and submits it. The developer does a great job at keeping this complex module up to date. The only little detail is that since the verification files are "created" dynamically, if you have a slow server, the other side (Google for the most part) will sometimes think you erased those files.



This brilliant piece of work will, in combination with a few other modules, enhance the visibility of your drupal site and facilitate search indexing. Works with the Google search bot in what seems to be a synergistic fashion. Very impressive, and the author is responsive to user requests for support. Thank you!


Restricted URLs are also submitted

If you have a security enabled hiding some pages from some user rules then XML Sitemap will anyway include URLs of hidden pages into the list eventhough these were not supposed to be known to anonymous like search bots.


A handy module for search engines to crawl your site

A module that makes it easier for google and others to crawl your site. I've also noticed that submitting updates of your sitemap to google webmaster central has google spider and display your pages a lot faster.

Certainly a handy module and another one you install and then forget about as it's automatic.


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