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Fill a Webform field with the value of a node field. User case example Use an email address from a node as the destination for the webform to be sent to, based on what the visitor has selected on one of the webform fields. More detailed example… An example usage is that there is a Sector content type...

Content, 7.x

Reviews: 14


WF Tools is a collection of Drupal modules for building a WF management node. The management node is standalone Drupal site that is responsible for coordinating deployments of code, content and config in a coordinated way between multiple environments. Modules WF Tools consists of the following modules: WF The...

Administration, Developer, Drush, User management, Utility, 7.x

Reviews: 13


Allows for passing an array to the watchdog command. This module introduces an alternative to the watchdog command with an extra argument for passing an array that will be included in the message-text. Example watchdog_array(  $type,  $message = '',  $array = array(),  $variables = array(),  $severity...

Developer, Utility, 7.x

Reviews: 7


The site logo variable is used by many contrib modules but the way it is rendered by default leaves little room for customization. Usually it is rendered by the theme in a pre-defined region, linking to the home page and displaying the full image without any chance of using image styles. Logo Block solves...

Administration, 7.x

Reviews: 12


5. Boxes

Boxes module is a reimplementation of the custom blocks (boxes) that the core block module provides. It is a proof of concept for what a re-worked block module could do. The module assumes that custom blocks are configuration, and not content. This means that it is a reasonable action to ask for all...

Developer, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 69


6. Alias

Very simply, this module lets you map a path in your Drupal root to an external URL, think Apache's mod_alias. Ex: http://example.com/drupal --> http://drupal.org/ This module has a lot in common with the Path Redirect module, but is very light-weight and only aims to accomplish this single task....

Administration, Site navigation, Utility, 6.x

Reviews: 10


Active Tags adds a new option to free tagging taxonomies. If selected the taxonomy widget is replaced by a new jQuery enabled tag entry widget. Works with core Taxonomy module and Content Taxonomy module. This module came about through work on a site where some users found separating tags with commas...

Javascript Utilities, Taxonomy, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 44


This is a simple module to export redirects to Apache rules. Apache rules will be faster than Drupal can be, and if put in version control perhaps more maintainable over the long term. This functionality was requested at #791754: Export redirects to webserver rules but there doesn't seem to be anyone...

Developer, Import and export, Path management, Performance and Scalability, Utility, 7.x

Reviews: 17


The module adds wildcard functionality to the Drupal Redirect module. Currently seeking use cases for this module, please use the issue queue to request features. Project Information Maintenance status: Seeking co-maintainer(s) Development status: Under active development ...

Path management, 7.x

Reviews: 24


Provides Photobox Image field formatter to display images using Photobox image gallery. Project Information Maintenance status: Actively maintained Development status: Under active development Module categories: Third-party Integration Downloads: 4 ...

Third-party integration, 7.x

Reviews: 20


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