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A module to recreate the back-end content administration pages where it changes admin/content and adds a menu trail experience for managing content and comments of content types and taxonomy terms. This module uses of views and VBO for a dynamic table of content based on the position in the menu tree. This...

Administration, Content, Taxonomy, Views, 7.x

Reviews: 9


This module adds clientside validation (aka "Ajax form validation") for all forms and webforms using jquery.validate. The included jquery.validate.js file is patched because we needed to be able to hide empty messages. #D8CX: I pledge that Clientside Validation will have a full Drupal 8 release on the...

Content, Javascript Utilities, Theme enhancements, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x

Reviews: 32


Overview Panels' layouts using Twitter Bootstrap layout system as base. Installation Download and install the module as usual. Now when defining a new variant or redefining the layout of an existing one you should see the new layouts in the dropdown, under the 'Bootstrap' Select one of the above layouts. Proceed...

Content, Content display, Mobile, 7.x

Reviews: 10


This module we have developed for our responsive Premium Drupal theme TB Wall. We contribute this module to the community and hope you can re-use it in your projects and development. What does this module do? This module aggregates content from social media sites. The module will retrieve public RSS...

Content, Import and export, Media, Taxonomy, 7.x

Reviews: 7


The Election module enables you to run elections easily, securely, and effectively on a Drupal website. It provides a framework for developers to integrate different types of election. Two types are included: 'referendums' and 'STV elections' (single transferable vote). Other types can be provided by...

Community, 7.x

Reviews: 11


This module provides a bookmarklet to allow users to create new nodes while they browse other sites. The bookmarklet opens a jQuery UI Dialog containing an iframe of the Drupal node form. Video Demonstration Usage This module implements hook_block to expose the link for users to drag to their browser's...

Content, Javascript Utilities, 6.x

Reviews: 20


This module provides a themed function called "get_exposed_filter_output()" which print out the values of the exposed filter used in a view. This can be useful in the view header, in case the exposed filter is in a block, but there is a need to show the user according to what filter he got the results. The...

Theme enhancements, Views, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 8


Disable breadcrumbs on a per node, per content type, or by path (any path) basis; Omitting the need to write additional code in the theme layer (template.php file etc..) to determine the visibilty of breadcrumbs on specific pages. This can be administered on node edit forms and from the content administration...

Theme enhancements, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 35


The ad manager module provides a single interface for managing ads from various providers across sites it is installed on. Providers are modules written to bring in ad units from advertising networks such as DoubleClick, AdSense, etc. Documentation for setting up ad manager, creating and editing ad units,...

Commerce and advertising, 7.x

Reviews: 17


Allows the creation and reuse of fielded entities to add common types of content to your Panopoly pages! Key Features Integration with Link module to provide a list of links Provides the ability to provide an uploaded file Provides the ability to provide an uploaded image Provides the ability to provide...


Reviews: 8


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