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Wysiwyg Linebreaks allows users of wysiwyg editors (such as TinyMCE or CKEditor) to save and open markup from their website with linebreaks instead of <p> and <br /> tags. You can choose between two different plugins/buttons: Convert linebreaks: Your legacy content will appear correctly in...

Filters and editors, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 51


Like Project, Show defines a basic content type designed to collect information from a producers about the show. In the simplest configuraiton, Show can replace the paper "cablecast agreement" most stations use. The workflow that controls a Show from submission to published node is entirely up to the...

Community, Media, 7.x

Reviews: 7


Activitystream extension for Github activity Maintainer: cweagans (cweagans.net) Project Information Maintenance status: Actively maintained Module categories: Import/Export, Third-party Integration, Utility, Views Development status: Unknown Reported installs:...

Import and export, Third-party integration, Utility, Views, 6.x

Reviews: 19


Summary uc_discounts_alt is a full-featured Ubercart discounts module that supports both code-based (i.e. coupons) and codeless discounts. Features Filter both products required for the discount to apply and qualifying products that receive the discount based on multiple products, taxonomy terms, node...

e-Commerce, 6.x

Reviews: 17


Taxonomy Image Views Options module changes the options for displaying Taxonomy Image in Views. What does the module do? Removes the checkbox Link this image to its term page and the selectlist ImageCache preset from Fields options in Views for the field Taxonomy: Term Image and adds a selectlist Display...


Reviews: 19


The Role Weight module allows you to set roles ordering. This is very useful in situations, when you need to know which role is more important than the other. The module gives no functionality to end user, but it's effect can be used by other modules (e.g. Form Adjust). Go to the Administer -> User...

Administration, User management, 6.x

Reviews: 18


Overview Text selection implements CSS3's ::selection pseudo-element providing a way to override the browser-level or system-level text highlight color with a color of your choosing. For example, when you select a text on a website to copy and paste it the highlighted text have a default background...

Utility, 7.x

Reviews: 23


A tagging feature providing configuration a freetagging vocabulary with automatic tag suggestions based on node body content. Includes: Creation and configuration of a Tags vocabulary for freetagging. Automatic tag suggestions using the Tagging and Extractor modules. Part of the Debut features set. Dependencies Ctools. Features. Extractor Spaces. Strongarm. Tagging. A...

Features package, Taxonomy, 6.x

Reviews: 9


The jQuery Easing module makes the jQuery Easing plugin available for Drupal modules/themes to use. It provides no functionality of it's own and should only be installed if another project requires it. Required Modules Libraries (2.x) Installation Create a directory named 'easing' under your site's...

Javascript Utilities, Third-party integration, 7.x

Reviews: 8


D7: proper port available now. Do not use the previous version any longer as it was, can't say it any other way, a really bad port! This module allows you to clone entire menus, much like Node clone does with nodes. Next to the basic menu properties such as Menu name, Title and Description, the clone...

Administration, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 14


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